Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Early Bird

I will be the first to admit it that 430 AM comes pretty early, but if you want to get it in, sometimes you have to be the first up. Kelly and I are taking turns doing the early morning workouts. The benefit of not working out that early is that coffee is already made.
Here is an easy true one egg omelette, that anyone could make. what u need, an egg, some vegetable filling, a little oil or spray,and a chunk of sarvecchio parm. I made it with out the cheese.
 When I don't consume salt, I like spice. Really I like spice all the time. But for what ever reason, while in the zone, I like it a little hotter. Plus consuming two jalapenos a day is 100 percent vitamin c.
Start by getting your non stick pan out, and know when to buy a new nonstick pan. If its sticking and it shouldn't be, place it under your seat of your car and wait for that road rage driver, and let it fly. Life's too short to be working with kitchen tools that are not right for the job.
Anyways, saute your veg mix, what I used today, 1/2 a small yukon potato, 1/2 jalapeno, 2 asparagus chopped, some extra Chile flake. once it is sauteed set it aside and begin to cook your egg.
The key to marking one egg omelette is low heat, and beat the egg really well. Crack the egg in a bowl, and add a little water like an 1 oz, then beat until frothy. pour the egg mixture into your non stick pan and swirl around the edges, but not all the way to the top. Cook on low heat for about two minutes, place the sauteed veg mixture in the center and gently roll the omelette on to a plate. It takes a little practice, happy rolling, Cheers People! Now, go work out!

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